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'Livin' Eventing' is a new blog with endless possibilities. It's innovative in the 'Equestrian Blogging World' with it's fresh perspective, ideas and feel. You can change the way you advertise your products, business and brand; By collaborating with a social 'Event Rider/Blogger' like Liv, you'll achieve the best in equestrian marketing! 



Advertising on livineventing.com will also help #groweventing - 10% of any costs put towards placing an Ad, Product Placement or Piece will be donated to 'Mind'. Learn more about 'Mind' in the '#GrowEventing - Donate Now' section. 



It's simple. Get noticed and help #groweventing! Contact me now by filling in the form at the bottom of the page or by emailing me directly at oliviaalstadeventing@gmail.com to discuss your options.

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Let's collaborate on an article starring your Eventing related product, business or brand. Whether you want to be a major or minor part of writing & editing a piece, let's get your idea out there in a bigger, better way!  


Do you want to get your product or brand talked about but don't want an entire article dedicated to it? A more subtle way of advertising can be done within a 'Livin' Eventing' Blog piece.  


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