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Riders, grooms & supporters struggle with mental health

One of the central objectives for Livin' Eventing is a desire to help #groweventing. One of the main ways to do this is by building a community within the eventing world, that supports one another with open ears and an open mind. Read 'Eventers Speak Out' with an open heart, to build the community and support one another.  In the first entry, 'Liv Speaks Out' in the company of others with the courage to share their story. 

Write your own

Let people know they're not alone.

Let's start growing the conversation on mental health to #groweventing.  You can choose to do this with your first name, full name or anonymously. When you are faced with the challenge of explaining difficult times and feelings, it can seem impossible.
 Even so, you must find that bravery within yourself to dive deep and go tell somebody. You are not alone. Whether or not you have personally struggled with mental health, please support our goal to #growmentalhealthawareness  & #groweventing by reading the 'Eventers Speak Out' stories, checking out the #GrowEventing section of the site, and if you have a story, please submit it to oliviaalstadeventing@gmail.com