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Mental health

(in eventing)

Become better informed about mental health topics, how they affect people and how we can support each other through tough times. Helping those with mental health issues will #groweventing


donate & make a difference

Livin' Eventing is working with 'Mind' to help get respect and support for people with mental health problems. We won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect. 'Mind' also offers a helpline for those in need.

Hear the stories

the eventing community share their stories

Let's start growing the conversation on mental health to #groweventing. People within the Eventing community share their personal stories and struggle with mental health in 'Eventers Speak Out'.

Share your story

share your story!

Let people know they're not alone. Share your story to the 'Eventers Speak Out" page. You can choose to do this anonymously, with just your first name, or with your entire name attached. Together we can help #growmentalhealthawareness and #groweventing