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Badminton Edition Quickieview with Jesse Campbell

It’s the most exciting time of the eventing season; Kentucky last weekend - Badminton this weekend.. The perfect time for a Badminton Edition ‘Quickieview’ with one of the 2019 riders: Jesse Campbell. Jesse completed Badminton most recently in 2016 when he rode Kaapachino to a 33rd place finish. This year he brings his next superstar 'Cleveland' aka Freddie who is drawn 33rd to go and will dressage this afternoon at 2:24 PM. Keep an eye out for this pair over the weekend - they might just be this year’s dark horses.

‘Quickieviews’ are a series of seemingly random questions within a 5 minute quick interview, that paint a bigger picture on where the Eventing community believes the future of our sport is headed. My main goal with Livin' Eventing is to #groweventing, I believe that one of the places to start is by opening conversations with key athletes and influencers in eventing!

Thanks so much Jesse, best of luck this weekend! I'm excited to cheer you guys on at the biggest 5* event in the world! #GoFreddieGo

Jesse and Cleveland led throughout in the OI @ Burnham Market to take the win - a great final prep run before Badminton.

Q: In 3 words - Why do you love being a part of Badminton Horse Trials?

A: Prestige, history, challenge.

Q: 1 thing you’d wish you’d see more of at Badminton?

A: Better use of the commercial opportunities that Badminton naturally offers. For example they could offer more hospitality to make it easier for people to go to the event and stay the weekend!

Q: 1 thing you’d wish you’d see less of at Badminton?

A: Tweed.

Q: Best part of being at Badminton?

A: The stables - they’re incredible!

Q: What’s your favourite and least favourite fence on the XC?

A: The lake - for both!

Q: Best part about eventing Cleveland?

A: You never know what you’re going to get on the day. There’s an element of surprise!

Q: Can we hear one funny story about Freddie (Cleveland)?

A: Well, just yesterday he escaped from Jess (our head groom) before trot-up and went galloping across the lawn. Just another day in the life of Freddie!

Q: If Freddie were a famous celebrity who would he be?

A: Kanye West.

Q: What’s 1 thing you wish people knew more about you?

A: That I’m nicer and more approachable than I might appear to be!

Q: Now it’s time for the ‘quick as you can’ game: off the top of your head (as quickly as you possibly can) name 3 trade stands you’ll visit this year?

A: Antares, Stierna, KBIS.

Jesse is 6'6 (in case you're wondering).

Q: Most stylish person at the trot up this year?

A: Tim Price (and his acrobats)!

Q: What did you wear to trot up this year?

A: A beige suit that I got from Reese’s.

Q: Is there any rider that’s taller than you competing this weekend?

A: I don’t think so.. I may well be the tallest event rider in the world.

Q: Do you have a cool non horsey skill/talent?

A: Not really.. I do make a good G&T!

Q: What’s one way that our community could #groweventing?

A: I think that us as riders need to be a bit more unified about things like prize money and the rules that apply to us (like the 15 penalty rule)! We need to take a stand about causes that matter to us.

Q: On that topic - What do you think of the 15 penalty rule?

A: It’s just a really bad rule that’s not needed. I haven’t been caught out yet but I’m bound to be, on a good horse that doesn't deserve it. It needs to change.

Q: 1 best Badminton memory?

A: In 2016 I followed Michael Jung in the dressage. After trotting alongside him in the warm up I ended up nearly beating his score - it was a really cool feeling!

Q: 1 piece of advice for aspiring Badminton riders?

A: Find a horse with the scope to do it. #noscopenohope

Q: What’s the toughest skill to teach a Badminton horse?

A: Bravery.

Q: What’s the toughest skill to teach a Badminton rider?

A: Being able to ride fast (and safely) XC.

Q: 1 riding skill that you’ve struggled to master yourself?

A: Learning that sometimes you have to throw “style” out the window and just get the job done!

Q: What do you think of the course?

A: It looks good, usually Eric throws in something out of the ordinary, but the course this year has flow and I really like it.

Q: What do you think is the most influential combination on the course?

A: It’ll be spread around but I want to say ‘the hollow’ (ditch to log)!

Q: 1 skill that many riders lack?

A: Discipline.

Q: 1 skill that many horses lack?

A: Fast feet/quick reactions.

Q: 1 way to make Eventing safer?

A: Making safety wear even safer and better. With technology coming along as it is, there’s bound to be some innovations. With horses there are always risks involved.

Q: Who will win this year?

A: Tim Price. #TeamNZ

Q: 1 way to bring more attention to our sport?

A: Better use of social media.

Q: Laine Ashker wants to know: ‘What brings you happiness?’

A: Going fast on a horse cross country!

Q: 1 question that I should ask the next rider/influencer in my next Quickieview?

A: Do you ever go commando when riding?

Q: 1 more round of the ‘quick as you can’ game: name 3 event horses that you would love to have the ride on at Badminton this year?

A: Toledo de Kerser, Ballaghmor Class, Camembert.

I also asked Jesse for a cute or funny horse picture from his phone taken at the event - this is what he came up with!

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