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Quickieview With Caroline Moore

I’m truly honoured to do my first ‘Quickieview’ with the legend: Caroline Moore. Caroline has been a major influence in Eventing in recent years - Not only has she produced horses and riders up to 5* level, she also co-owns double gold medaling event horse 'Allstar B' ridden by Ros Canter.

‘Quickieviews’ are a series of seemingly random questions within a 5 minute quick interview, that paint a bigger picture on where the Eventing community believes the future of our sport is headed. My main goal with Livin' Eventing is to #groweventing, I believe that one of the places to start is by opening conversations with key athletes and influencers in eventing!

Thanks so much Caroline! You truly are a wonderful coach, owner, and a gift to our sport!

Q: In 3 words - Why do you love being a part of the sport of Eventing?

A: Thrill, excitement, training.

Q: 1 thing you’d wish you’d see more of in Eventing?

A: Correct training and good riding.

Q: 1 thing you’d wish you’d see less of in Eventing?

A: Incorrect training & riding.

Q: Best part of being a coach?

A: Correct training - sometimes you see incorrect training that leads to the horse not understanding the question.

Below are some arena XC lines that Caroline sets for her students.

Q: Best part of being a competitor?

A: The ups, downs, and variety of it all!

Q: Best part of being an owner?

A: The thrill of seeing your horse improve with a rider.

Q: 1 word to sum up WEG 2018?

A: Gold!

Q: How does it feel to co - own one of the best event horses in the world today?

A: Words can’t say - but I think I would use the word: Satisfied. Satisfied in what we’ve done!

Q: What’s 1 thing you wish people knew more about you?

A: My training methods.

Q: Now it’s time for the ‘quick as you can’ game: off the top of your head (as quickly as you possibly can) name 3 of the most influential people in Eventing today?

A: Chris Bartle, Ros Canter, Michael Jung.

Q: Best teacher you ever had?

A: Kenneth Clawson.

Q: Most important lesson you’ve ever learned?

A: To be flexible on my approach.

Q: Do you have a cool non horsey skill/talent?

A: I love scuba diving!

Q: Why do you think Ros & Alby are such a successful partnership?

A: Because the horse enjoys being trained, and the rider is a perfectionist.

Q: Most important trait in an event horse?

A: Trainibility.

Q: Most important trait in an event rider?

A: Understanding what the horse is thinking.

Q: What’s one way that our community could #groweventing?

A: Public awareness!

Q: 1 best Eventing memory?

A: Winning gold at WEG!

Q: 1 piece of advice for aspiring top riders?

A: Focus on the process.

Q: What’s the toughest skill to teach a rider?

A: To allow the horse to use it’s own eyesight.

Q: 1 riding skill you’ve struggled to master yourself?

A: Good posture.

Q: 1 skill that many riders lack?

A: Relaxation and allowing horses more freedom.

Q: 1 skill that many horses lack?

A: To stay perfectly straight.

Q: 1 way to make Eventing safer?

A: Good training!

Q: 1 way to bring more attention to our sport?

A: Positive reporting and success.

Q: 1 event that you look forward to every year?

A: Burghley.

Q: 1 question that I should ask the next rider/influencer in my next quickieview?

A: What do you do in your down time?

Q: 1 more round of the ‘quick as you can’ game: what are the 3 qualities you look for in an Eventing superstar? A: Partnership, discipline, and system.

I also asked Caroline for a cute or funny horse picture from her phone - this is what she came up with!

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