Hi guys, my name is Miya Fleming. Welcome to my new blog ‘YR IN NZ’.

My first blog will be simple and sweet, and hopefully enjoyable. I’ll start with introducing myself, then will move onto my sport and what I’ve been up to over the years and maybe a little insight into what’s to come next. Please bare with me on this blog so we can get to the exciting stuff next month.

My name is Miya Fleming, and lucky me, it’s a hard name for nicknames unless your my dad (who calls me bear!) I am a 17yr old Event Rider and was born in a place most people didn’t know existed: Darwin, which is located at the top of Northern Australia. Since 2015 I've lived in New Zealand hence why my blog title is ‘YR IN NZ’. I recently finished school last year and at this point in my life, I don’t have the intentions of going to university, and that’s where HORSES come in.

Horses didn’t actually surround my childhood. I missed all the fun pony stuff. I just fast forward straight to riding lessons at 12. (OMG, only 5yrs ago) my mum actually started this fiasco, she thought I’d love horses which weirdly enough I did not. I started 10 lessons over 10 wks and flat out did not enjoy it. HOWEVER…. 6 months later, I had a few friends going to a Pony Camp and vwalaa, I had my first horse. MOUSE.

2013 Royal Darwin Show with Tapu Henry Black

Once I got Mouse, the collecting began and I think I ended up with around 4 horses that year. Over the years of competing in Aussie (2012, 2013 & 2014) I ended up with 3 incredible competition mounts, each had very different disciplines. I had a go at literally.. everything. I won many national & international showing (hacking) titles. I won the NT Junior Barrel Racer of the year in 2012 plus on that same pony won 3x Mounted Games Championships. I then went on to Elementary dressage and show jumped up to 1m, which on that same horse went to the Australian Interschools Championships in 2014.

Royal Edition at the 2017 NZPCA Eventing Championships

This then brings me to my current life , EVENTING.

Eventing is a sport like no other,” from the grace and style of dressage to the precision and accuracy of show jumping to the raw power of galloping across country” how could I walk away from such a challenge? To help me conquer this eventing bug (which if your wondering, came out of no where) I had never tried nor had I seen eventing until I moved to NZ, but that didn’t matter, from the moment I fell in love with horses. I had dreams to become an Olympic Eventer… which also brings me to what country I’d ride for!?!

But we can talk about that later.. along came my current best mate ‘Delta Frank Sinatra’ or Frank, sometimes even Kumara (which is a NZ potato). Frank and I started out both extremely green, he was a 5yr old, with no control of his legs, so jumping 95cm really was a mission. It’s taken awhile but I can definitely say that he’s grown into an incredible horse.

Delta Frank Sinatra at Puhinui International Three Day Event

Now we've started our first season at 2*. Along the way in 2017 I was lucky enough to ride ‘Royal Edition’ also known as Jake or monster. I would say that he sparked my determination for making this sport my career. In the first year I was selected for teams and nominated for awards. We were achieving so much in a short period of time that when he had a near fatal paddock accident in March 2018. I truly felt like it was the end for me. I wasn’t sure that I could do it without him, but when I got the opportunity to move to the UK and base myself with Tim and Jonelle Price for 6 months, it was almost a sign that he was willing to give up his career for me to further mine.

I moved to the UK in April 2018, and learnt more then you can imagine, I witnessed all the 4* wins, I learnt how a top yard is run, how top riders train there horses and I even got to feel how top horses perform. (I totally recommend working pupil positions… AMAZING) Just the opportunity and being around experienced people at the top level was jaw dropping.

This is where my beautiful friend and the creator of Livin’ Eventing comes in... I met Liv at a BBQ at Toddy’s yard the first week I moved to the UK. Instant friendship I guess you could say and now the rest is history. I really can’t thank her enough for the opportunity to do a blog. I just hope you guys like it.

Okay back to the blog: October 2018: I moved back to NZ and worked for Amanda Wilson (Top NZ Show Jumper) helping her train horses, grooming for her at top shows and organizing her yard. Amanda had previously been my Show Jump coach since I moved to NZ, so we understood each other! Some people think I’m too young to run a yard or be head groom at top shows , but Amanda has always believed in me right from the start. Not only with my riding but also my work ethic and to this day, I wouldn’t have come across the opportunities I have had without her. She’s an incredible friend.

Since January 2019 have been based in Cambridge with Clarke Johnstone. (NZ Olympic Event Rider). Clarke is an incredible person and once again the opportunity to be apart of his team is overwhelming. It’s only been 3 months but they have been a very incredible 3 months and I can’t wait for so many more amazing memories and lessons to be learnt. For now, what’s to come next is … I’ll keep on with Clarke for a while longer, and then who knows, maybe I’ll move back to the UK?!?!? But don’t get to excited (all you UK residents) . I’m just taking life as it comes.

Wesko at Haras De Jardy (Event Rider Masters) 2018

Next month I will be putting together a piece on the ‘Importance of Presentation’ and this will be pin pointed on the Eventing scene, however for those readers who aren’t Eventers; This article will still be helpful to those who would like a few tips on how to bring the best out in your horse and yourself in the ring, no matter the discipline.

To those who have read this far, I can’t thank you enough for the patience. Now that you know a bit about me, you can look forward to the helpful & interesting stuff. I can’t wait to share my stories with you guys over this year and just remember that if you want to personally share your stories with me or are wanting any help with something, don’t be shy just to flick me a message on Facebook and/ or email.



Email: miya.fleming51@gmail.com

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